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Our Team 

That works hard in order to make the Animals and your experience pleasant.  

Mr.Bill Hyers

Barn Manager 

Olivia Houghton


At the age of twelve, Olivia knew she was home the moment she took her first riding lesson. The transition to ‘barn rat’ was almost instantaneous, and she spent endless hours trying to soak in all aspects of horse management and training. No chore was too hard or horse too green if it meant she got to spend more time at the barn!

Olivia is an upbeat and encouraging instructor – she loves helping her students refine their skills both in the saddle and in the barn to become strong and effective equestrians.

Olivia loves working with new riders that are just starting out on their equestrian journey, helping them gain confidence both in and out of the saddle. With a strong focus on correct and effective riding, Olivia’s goal is to provide her riders the building blocks they need to progress in their riding careers in a fun, safe, but always challenging environment!

Dominique Cassavetis


Is a professional Dressage rider, FEI Gold Medalist and has years of experience showing Grand Prix and bringing along high quality horses through the levels. dressage focused lessons beginners through FEI. She can help you pursue your riding goals whether its showing or building a better partnership with your horse in a safe and positive environment. Her students also have the option of cross training dressage and hunter/jumpers.


Barn Worker & Rider


Barn Cat 


Chief of Security



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